Coaching / Mentoring services

I offer one-to-one personalised mentoring services to a small, select number of beginning freelance editors.


I charge by the hour for my time, but in later stages you will be subcontracting actual client work that I will QA. I will pay you for this, so you will be earning fees that will more than offset my charges.

This is not coursework. I only use real client texts, either ones I’ve edited previously or live jobs (except for initial assessment).

There are three stages to a coaching relationship. You advance between stages based on my evaluation of your performance.

  1. Assessment (typically a week or two)
  2. Offline coaching (a few months, depending on aptitude)
  3. Live mentoring (months or potentially ongoing)

In parallel with these stages, I will offer advice and information on a broad range of topics essential to making a profitable career from freelance copyediting. This includes:

  • Working to a style guide
  • Working for both US and UK clients
  • Tools to manage quality (e.g. AI checkers, reference checkers)
  • Tools to improve your productivity (e.g. macros, shortcuts)
  • Assessing work (why, how)
  • Getting onto publisher’s books (which ones, how)
  • Choosing agencies to work for
  • Client types and differences
  • Qualifications and references
  • Fee levels and quoting

Please contact me to see if I currently have a slot available:

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