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You can find cheaper editing services online – but you get what you pay for.

I aim to earn £35 per hour when I’m editing. This is in line with the CiEP’s recommended rate.

I’m happy to work on this hourly rate, but many people prefer a fixed price for a job.

In order to give you a fixed price, I need to see a sample of the text. This is because there is a huge range of effort in editing depending on the quality of the original writing, and the depth of editing required. As an example:

  • I expect to achieve 3000 words per hour (or more) making minor amendments to well-written English.
  • In contrast, I may achieve fewer than1500 words per hour on some ESL work.

So I will quote you a figure from £10 per 1000 words up, depending on the text. For very weak English from a foreign writer, it may be as high as £20.

Simply send me a sample, and I’ll give you a price. It’s a quick and easy process. I normally respond within an hour or two during UK daytime hours.