> What you get

So what do I do with your document?

All documents get:

  • Spellcheck, for US or UK
  • Fixing typos and other things missed by spellcheckers (e.g. from/form, its/it’s)
  • Grammar (tense, verb agreement, correct English)
  • Sentence structure (word order, use of articles, use of commas — these are often a challenge for foreign writers)
  • Consistency in style (hyphenation, quote marks, use of ise/ize, serial commas, heading case, use of caps, fonts, line spacing, indenting…)
  • [Optional] Adherence to a specific house style

Academic documents also get (on request):

  • Citation format consistency
  • Reference format consistency and conformance with standard (Harvard, APA, Vancouver)
  • Citation/Reference matching
  • Passive voice conversion

Any documents can have (on request):

  • Comments / corrections on phrasing, voice, flow
  • Comments on logic, argument, clarity*

Anything that is ambiguous will be marked with a comment, not changed, so you can decide what to do.

*Excluding academic coursework